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FreeBSD based Home Server

Firmware Upgrades

Today, I flashed my MSI H87M-G43 BIOS. The installed version was E7823IMS v1.6. And after upgrading it is now at E7823IMS v1.7.

Installation was quite smooth. You just copy the "E7823IMS.170" file to a FAT32 formatted USB stick and voila.

Now my motherboard has the following additional superpowers:

Additionally I tried to update the firmware of my harddisks, but after 3 hours of doing useless booting it did not work. Why do you need to have Windows, or a CD drive to do this? A simple USB bootable image would suffice. So now I am stuck at CC43 while CC4F is also available. So let's hope nothing goes wrong.


The previous install was not finalized. I reinstalled FreeBSD, added network settings and 1 user.

Installed (well, just ran "make install clean" in /usr/ports/ ) smartmontools and ataidle.